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Business and philanthropy have increasingly important roles in driving social impact in Africa.

When properly combined, both are powerful tools to improve lives, build resilient communities and transform systems.



Profit with Purpose Africa is a pan-African initiative to improve the knowledge on emerging global practices, delivering methodologies to transform businesses into vehicles for social change and philanthropy as a catalyst for economic growth and development.

PWPAfrica® works with public, private, and social organizations to balance their corporate sustainability and social investment strategies with intrinsic business models that points in the direction of sustainability, resilience, and dual value creation.


We are maniacal about social change that is inclusive, purpose-driven, and community-led.

Our Mission is to simplify the pathway for impact-focused investing, purposeful business practices and catalytic philanthropy to drive development that can self-sustain.

PWPAfrica® seeks to change the way development challenges are perceived by applying an opportunity lens in solving them and business approaches to stimulating large-scale social change.

We Work

We achieve our mission by deconstructing the myth of social good being the exclusive reserve of philanthropists and social sector players.

We elevate the concept of Profit and Purpose as a tool, which when properly harnessed with the right business models, can be leveraged by businesses, philanthropists, and investors to create impact at scale.



Our work is clustered around 4 themes:

PWPAfrica® Xchange

Facilitating Exchange, Learning and Capacity Strengthening

As a collaborative learning platform, the PWPAfrica® Xchange is a melting pot of ideas, a sounding board and connector between business, NGOs, academia, government, and social sector organizations seeking to explore new ways of maximizing value and accelerating impact.

We do this by:

Acting as a catalyst to stimulate innovation in transforming local resources into sustainable common good through smart, strategic, and sustainable earned value creation.

Exploring blended financing to protect, encourage, “de-risk”, and scale-up impact-focused innovation and investment opportunities.

Tracking, measuring, and bringing real-life visibility to the impact of partnerships in driving social impact.

PWPAfrica® Engage

Amplifying Business Action Towards Social Impact

PwPAfrica aims to support businesses in growing their roles in sustainable development – and develop business engagement strategies. PwPAfrica brings businesses together with all stakeholders to identify opportunities to act and invest in addressing key developmental challenges.

We do this by:

Facilitating exchange through the PwPAfrica conversation series and forums for business to engage government, civil society, bilateral agencies, and donors.

Working with businesses to identify and prioritize what and how to act and invest to deliver blended value.

Amplifying collective action through policy advocacy and advisory, working with a community of stakeholders, champions, and influencers towards improving the market incentives for businesses to invest in social development programs.

PWPAfrica® Innovate360

Co-Creating Sustainable Value-Based Programs

PWPAfrica® works with its network of partners to apply the relevant methodology to co-create, pivot, and deliver high-impact programs and initiatives that tackle social problems in ways that make investment sense.

We do this by:

Expanding the emerging social impact practice through policy, programmatic and business decision-making in the areas of private sector development and market readiness.

Acting as a living lab for co-creating and validating ideas and solutions with the potential to be impact-primed and investor-ready.

Providing program-related delivery and technical assistance in the areas of expanding access to inclusive solutions to the bottom of the pyramid, demand creation, access, and promotion of market incentives.

PWPAfrica® Insights+

Evidence-Driven Insights

PWPAfrica® Insights+ aligns sustainability intelligence, social investment and impact measurement metrics to facilitate visibility of social impact business cases and determination of blended value through relevant metrics such as Social Return on Investment (SROI), Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) (IRIS+) to measure the social, environmental and financial performance of an investment.

We do this by:

Adapting business insights generated with global social impact reporting standards and investment performance parameters to help stakeholders make informed strategic business and sustainability decisions.

Providing social impact market readiness advisory informed by data and balanced thought leadership adapted for the local context, macroeconomic factors, and sector-specific priorities.

Providing tailormade impact monitoring and measurement support.


Join us and other impact-focused businesses, nonprofits, and problem solvers
to help scale bold solutions to Africa’s and the world’s most pressing challenges.

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